Replica of the legendary YETI C-26

In collaboration between Revlrevl Cycles and a unique project was started. A replica of the legendary YETI C-26! The effort to get this really special and rare frame build has been huge, wherefore only 5 to max 10 additional pieces will be made.

Here’s what you will have to provide when you decide you want to have one:

– An original ProFro frame
– You will have to make an advance payment (calculation of the amount is ongoing)


Lead time is approximately 3 – 6 months going onward of the date the advance payment is received. Deliveries start from next year 2019, exactly 30 years after the C-26 frame was born. Those replicas are individual items and absolutely worth the money.

Questions? Want to buy one? Please contact Revlrevl Cycles or

Pictures by Melih Bildik / Revlrevl Cycles


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