Replica of the legendary YETI C-26

In collaboration between Revlrevl Cycles and a unique project was started. A replica of the legendary YETI C-26! The effort to get this really special and rare frame build has been huge, wherefore only 5 to max 10 additional pieces will be made.

Here’s what you will have to provide when you decide you want to have one:

– An original ProFro frame
– You will have to make an advance payment (calculation of the amount is ongoing)


Lead time is approximately 3 – 6 months going onward of the date the advance payment is received. Deliveries start from next year 2019, exactly 30 years after the C-26 frame was born. Those replicas are individual items and absolutely worth the money.

Questions? Want to buy one? Please contact Revlrevl Cycles or

Pictures by Melih Bildik / Revlrevl Cycles


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***** PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE ELECTION OF Brent Foes TO THE HALL OF FAME AT Marin Museum of Bicycling in Fairfax, Marin County California *****

This men who has been building high end mountain bikes since more than 25-years now and who has revolutionized a whole market with his innovative ideas will now be honored for his life work in September, within the 29th Annual Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Fairfax California. Where next to him also the inductee-elects Giovanna Bonazzi, Mark Norstad and Wolfgang Renner will be participating.

CONGRATULATIONS Brent Foes for your relentless efforts in building great and unique mountain bikes – WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU, IT’S AMAZING TO SEE THAT ALL YOUR WORK IS NOW HONORED.

We will always be a part of the Foes Racing USA family and are more than proud to have contributed to this success!!!

1992/93 Foes Racing USA LTS 18 prototype for the Hall of Fame

Brent Foes gave me this special frame 4 years ago. I brought it back to Switzerland soon after and restored it from the ground up. It has been published in many magazines and history books since it got restored. The plan has always been to bring this piece of history back to it’s birth place.

I’m really proud to be part of this piece of history and the story behind the bike… Just recently I have brought it back to California where it’s shown at the Hall of Fame Museum in Marine County. Following some places where the bike showed up

– Foes Racing (Brent’s backyard garage where everything started  )
– Foes Racing , Amelia Ave. , San Dimas, California
– Oakley Headquarters , Foothill , Icon 1 , California
– Sea Otter Classics , Monterey, California
– Mtb Hall of Fame , Fairfax, California

Links to articles / videos made at the Sea Otter Classic Show:…/the-beginning-of-modern-dh-1994-……/soc17-foes-racing-goes-really-…/











More pictures are available on our Facebook page.


Foes Racing celebrates its 25-year anniversary this year 2017!! As this is a very special year for them, there will be several special happenings where we will keep you posted – promised! 🙂

We are proud to be part of this journey and the Foes Racing family!

25 years FOES RACING